Are almonds good for hair?

are almonds good for hair

Benefits of almonds for hair

Omega 3 fatty acids are present in Almonds; they increase the blood flow, encouraging hair growth.

This not only makes hair strong but also smooth. Regular consumption of these nuts will ensure frizz-free hair and will also delay the process of graying of hair.

The omega 6 fatty acids enhance the shine of hair and prevent split ends and unnecessary breakage of hair. Being rich in Magnesium and other crucial nutrients makes them very beneficial for managing hair; thus, providing nutrition to the follicles of the hair. 

The scalp is nourished by its consumption. Polyunsaturated fats and various vitamins prevent dandruff as well as inflation.

Vitamin E present in almonds is known to moisturize and nourish hair strands and the scalp.

The flakiness of the scalp is reduced along will the damage caused by various hair styling equipments and other hair treatments.

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