Diwali and HOLI is celebrated by

Celebration of Holi and Diwali

The initiation of spring and the ending of winter is commemorated by the festival of Holi. It gives the message of burning the devil within us. Colors and Love is the theme of the festival. Diwali is an event of light. It is a festival which symbolizes victory of light over dullness, virtuous over sinful, knowledge over ignorance. Although Diwali and Holi are majorly celebrated by Hindus there are several other religions who give equal importance to them. In a diverse country like India different religion and states have different ways of celebrating these festivals. There are different believes and reasons behind its celebration but the joy that the festivals bring are the same. It is not important to be of a particular religion or faith or nationality to celebrate these festivals. Like India they are celebrated in various other countries like Tobago, Trinidad, Nepal, and Pakistan etc. Various events are organized in countries like USA, UK, England, New Zealand etc to celebrate the spirit of these festivals.



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