Diwali Wishes with love

diwali wishes

Greeting for diwali | Wishes 

The festival of Diwali is celebrated with family, friends and relatives.

The victory of inner light over spiritual hollowness is celebrated during this festival.

Dry fruits gifts

During Diwali families visit each other’s house to wish them happiness and prosperity.

It is the principal festival of India hence celebrated even at the work places. Various competitions and events are organized for its celebrations.

This festival was traditionally celebrated by Hindus only but nowadays it is celebrated by people across the world; irrespective of their religion, caste, class, race and nationality etc.

There are various reasons behind its celebrations but the joy that the festival brings is the same. People wish Subh Deepawali to each other which mean happy Diwali.

They even give different gifts to each other. Faral which is a savory food, dry fruits and sweets specially made during Diwali are the most common gifts that are exchanged.

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