Diwali without crackers

diwali without crackers

Celebrating Diwali | No Crackers?

Nowadays bursting fire crackers has become an crucial part of the rituals conducted during Diwali. It is believed that bursting fire crackers is a symbol of victory of morality over evil and it brings prosperity, health and peace.

On the day one of Diwali a large number of fire crackers are burst along with rise in pollution it causes several other problems.

Air pollution has expanded by more than 30 %, temperature increases, harmful chemicals like Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide are set out into the environment which causes problems related to respiration system.

The residuals of the fire crackers create a large amount of garbage. There is an ill effect on birds and animals due to the amount of noise made by fire crackers.

They are traumatized and often die when crackers hit them.

They create high decibel sound which is deafening. Often under age children are occupied in the production of these crackers. 

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