How Diwali is celebrated in south India?

how diwali is celebrated in south india?

South Indian way of celebrating Diwali

In Southern India, Diwali is commemorated to mark the defeat of Narkasura by Lord Krishna; it is referred as Naraka Chaturdashi. Unlike northern India, Diwali is just a one day festival here. It is recognized as Deepawali. Auspicious oil bath is taken before dawn. Oil is applied on the head of younger family members by the elder family members. A medicinal preparation referred as Lehyam is consumed as a part of custom. Instead of rangoli people design their house with Kolam (rice flour is used instead of colorful sand). Offerings are made to god. Goddess Lakshmi is venerated as it marks the ending of harvest and beginning of new agrarian year. People burst crackers and exchange sweets and other gifts. Balipadyami is celebrated in Karnataka. Lord Vishnu incarnated as Vaman and killed Bali who was a demon king. People worship him and are waiting for his return as although being a demon his kingdom was filed with happiness and prosperity. 

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