is diwali a national festival?


Yes, Diwali is a national festival in India. Festival of lights’ is how Diwali often referred by the people. The triumph of inner light over spiritual hollowness is celebrated through this festival. The entire house is lit by earthen oil lamps. Even the roads are lit with string lights. By lighting the lamps a strong message of burning the hatred, ego and all the negative thoughts is spread. The light symbolizes the emission of positivity, hope and love. The arrival of king Ram to his kingdom and the defeat of king Ravana which signifies the success of inner light over spiritual hollowness. In Far East, it is believed that the lights of Diwali guide the souls of departed loved ones to heaven. In East, the defeat of Mahihsasura a demon buffalo by Goddess Durga is celebrated. In West, people celebrated the festival to honor demon King Bali who was killed by Lord Vishu for greater good. Although being a demon his kingdom was packed with happiness and prosperity, even today people wait for his return. In South, the defeat of Narkasura by Lord Krishna is celebrated. Other than these religious reasons Diwali is celebrated as a harvest festival. India from the very start was an Agrarian Country hence it is supposed that this is the reason why Diwali is celebrated all over India.  


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