What almonds do?

what almonds do

Almonds Benefits?

Almonds are beneficial for both the brain and the body. They help in regulating gastrointestinal tract due to the presence of fiber. This not only take care of digestion related problems but it also promotes the growth of healthy bacteria which in turn makes your immunity stronger.

It is a well known fact that they are very beneficial for the development of our brain. The presence of phenylalanine and riboflavin in it is very beneficial for the growth of your brain cells and to increase your brainpower. T

hey are also to increase memory capacity. They are good for nervous system, bone health and mental alertness. The content of folic acid is precise which protects baby for any defects. Abnormal changes in your lens can be prevented by consuming it moderately.

It safeguards your eyes from other damages. The content of vitamin E and vitamin A in it makes it ideal for accomplishing glowing skin. It acts as an excellent moisturizer. 

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