what diwali means to me?

What does diwali means to me/us?

Diwali is really special for me. It is the time when I can break the monotonous look, routine and activities and add bright colours, happiness and traditional outfit to my life. While cleaning the house you can find the unexpected things that were once your favorite but were lost as you were catching up with new things. It allows you to do away with unwanted things, people and relations and welcome new things, people and relations in life. It takes you closer to your roots and makes you fall in love with who you are. Diwali connects you to your family and to all those who were lost in the journey of coping up with life. It teaches you no matter how ever big you get you are still nobody in front of the almighty. The lights of Diwali forces you to burn the inner hatred, ego and all the negativity to plant new hope, love and positivity.

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