Which almonds are the healthiest?

which almonds are the healthiest

Healthy Almonds | Which one?

California almonds are considered the best for regular consumption as they are low in fat content and are not much expensive. Royals consumed Mamra badams, and they are considered a symbol of good status, but they are costly and have high-fat content; still, they are considered the best quality.

Indian Gurbani Almonds are also considered of good quality. They are bitter and sweet, along with being moderately priced. It is a well known fact that they are very beneficial for the development of our brain. 

They are also to increase memory capacity. They are good for nervous system, bone health and mental alertness.

The content of folic acid is precise which protects baby for any defects. Abnormal changes in your lens can be prevented by consuming it moderately. It safeguards your eyes from other damages. The content of vitamin E and vitamin A in it makes it ideal for accomplishing glowing skin. It acts as an excellent moisturizer. 

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