why diwali is your favourite festival?

Diwali your favourite festival!

Diwali isn’t just a mere festival it is that time of the year when the entire family takes out some time from their busy schedule and spends time together doing various stuffs. Diwali brings a feeling of oneness and it makes you understand the importance of family. Diwali begins a month earlier to the actual celebrations. Rearrangement and cleaning of house is done which gives it a new appearance and makes the whole environment fresh and beautiful. Traditional sweets and savory food known as Faral is made during Diwali. It includes Chivda, Chakli, Shankarpali, Karanji, etc. The house is filled with the sugary smell of delicious treats. It not only brings you close to your roots but it also teaches you different traditions and the reason behind them. As it is a festival of lights; the entire house is decorated with lanterns, fairy lights, string lights, flowers etc. It takes you away from greed, ego and all the negativity and fills the atmosphere around you with positivity and hope. Mostly, the colour scheme of the house is warm which gives a pleasant vibe. Diwali gives a reason for people to quit their monotonous outfits and switch to colorful traditional clothes and accessories. Outside the house Rangoli, a beautiful design made from colorful sand is drawn and oil lamps are kept which makes it very welcoming for the guests.  

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