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It’s said if there is paradise on earth it’s only in Kashmir. It has its charm within the enchanting valley views and green nature, but its festivals add an additional flavor to the sweetness of the state.

People attempt to forget all the communal tensions that exist and celebrate the festivities together in peace. This exquisitely defines the sweetness of this Palestine .

In India, festivals are celebrated in quite the other countries within the world. And every festival is widely known with great zeal and zest, fancy feasting and incredible merry-making.

Every religion has its hundred festivals and each state another hundred which makes this land holy, sacred and culturally rich.

The people of Jammu and Kashmir celebrate numerous festivals throughout the year, and participating in these may be a good way of getting a glimpse into its culture and traditions.

Some of these festivals like Eid, Diwali and Holi, are celebrated by the people a bit like anywhere else within the country. However, there are some festivals that are specifically and exclusively celebrated during this part of India, and which portray its culture and heritage.

Marked by folk songs, dance, and a spread of local rituals, they're colorful, exciting and interesting events to participate in

Holi Festival

    The Festival competition of Holi is widely celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm at intervals in the state of Jammu and Cashmere Holi is known as a result of the Festival of colors.

    It's celebrated at intervals in the month of March once a year and it spans for two days. The primary day starts off with fast and prayers. Within the evening, bonfires are lit in celebration of the triumph of fantastic over evil. This conjointly symbolizes the highest of the powerful winters. The second day commences with individuals wiggling with colors and color water.

    Lohri Festival

    Lohri is additionally referred to as the Maghi Festival. This Festival is well known annually within the state of Jammu and Kashmir someday within the middle of January.

    This Festival commemorates the doomsday for sowing of the rabi or winter crops. in this day and age usually marks the middle of winter. This competition is widely celebrated by community bonfires, dances and folks songs.

    The Chajja dance may be a crucial part of this competition. The youth prepare chajjas with coloured paper and dance to drum beats on the road.

    Baisakhi Festival

    Baisakhi competition is also a significant competition celebrated at intervals in the state of Jammu and Cashmere.

    It remains the thirteenth day of the month of April. It marks the year for Sikhs.

    This can be primarily a rural competition. This competition celebrates the sowing of the latest crops.

    Individuals take dips at intervals the Ganga on nowadays. There are completely different village fairs that introduce and blend Bhangra recreation, wrestling, and sport. in this day and age is auspicious for marriages.

    Sri Avatar Navami

      “Sri avatar Navami” marks the birth of Lord avatar, who was the king of Ayodhya and so the protagonist of the normal epic “Ramayana”.

      He's conjointly referred to as “Kalyanotsavam”. Navami conjointly marks the marriage of avatar and Sita. The competition is well known for 10 days. Devotees quick and pray at numerous temples to Lord avatar.

      The temples are adorned with flowers and Rath Yatras at union across the cities and cities. The spiritual epic “Ramayana” is every place in the state.

      The individuals contemplate now auspicious and get new garments. They beautify their homes with lamps and flowers. “Bhajans” are sung in praise of Lord avatar. 


      Navratri in Hindi means 9 nights. it's celebrated at intervals in the state of Jammu and Cashmere annually and is known as a result of the competition of 9 nights.

      This competition honours the Mother immortal or the Divine Shakti or Force of the universe.

      Throughout this competition, vibrant costumes are worn and folks' dances are performed. Offerings are created to Hindu deity and mauli is worn by very few women.


      Diwali or Deepavali is known as a result of the competition of Lights. This competition commemorates the killing of the demon Ravana by the king of Ayodhya, Ram.

      On returning once his finish, the kind was welcome with the lighting of batty and light-weight. In Jammu and Cashmere, this can be a serious competition celebrated with lamps, batty and fireworks.

      It's celebrated on Amavasya or the new part of moon day throughout this state.


      Hemis Festival

        The Hemis Festival is well known at Hemis Gompa, which is the largest cloister in Cashmere. It's celebrated to remember the birthday of Padmasambhava, which is the founding father of Buddhism in Xizang.

        This Festival is well known once a year within the fifth lunation of the Tibetian calendar. Throughout this competition, the government declares a state vacation.

        The highlight of this competition is the ‘Chaam’ dance that is performed with tons of musical instruments. 

        Shikara Festival

        Shikara festival is widely well-known on the decalitre lake of Srinagar. This festival was started within the year 2016 with the intention to market tourism.

        The Shikaras or the boats, are fantastically painted and embellished throughout this pageant. a variety of races, like the Dragon race, Canoe Polo matches are conducted between the Shikaras.

        This festival happens throughout the months of July to August.

        Sindhu Darshan Festival

        The Sindhu darshan festival is conducted each year on the day of Guru Purnima, a full phase of the moon day. its a command within the Ladakh district of Jammu and Kashmir.

        This pageant was initially conducted in the year 1997 and still holds constant importance.

        The pageant is to honour the stream Sindhu and worship her. It's a crucial pageant to any or all the Hindus of Kashmir and holds vital spiritual importance. 

        Kashmir could be a land of constant conflicts with nearby countries. Though well-known for unrest, this lovely land ne'er ceases to celebrate the sweetness of life. Festivals are a time of joy and intimacy.

        They unite individuals along and build a strong bond between them. Kashmir’s native festivals are celebrated with the constant intent of uniting the locals along and standing along with the community.

        They additionally attract a lot of tourism, which can inaugurate substantial financial gain to the state. Festivals are symbols of Cultural harmony within the state.

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