Festivals of Tamil Nadu

festivals of tamil nadu

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Popular festival of Tamil Nadu are like Pongal, Thiruvaiyaru, Thaipusam, &  Mahamaham.

Celebrated for four simultaneous days, this festival is one among the foremost important festivals of Tamil Nadu .


Harvest festival in Tamil Nadu is Pongal which is widely known for 4 days. All four days have their kind of importance also as rituals and festivity.

Bhogi’ & 'Huggi' is the celebration of pongal in Tamil Nadu for four days.

Lord Indra is prayed today .

Old things are burnt and New things are bought on this day within the bonfire.

On the next day, on Thai Pongal, folks uses new clothes and couples make offerings of sugarcane and coconut into the river.

On the third day cows are beautifully decorated.

Cows are worshipped. On the Judgment Day of this harvest festival of Tamil Nadu , Kaanum Pongal, families take a visit to their relatives.

Gifts are exchanged, and therefore the festival ends on a cheerful note. 

The Dish that they eat today is additionally called Pongal. The primary rice after harvest is boiled and served first to the Sun God then to the people. Kolam, the rangoli or the pattern made by women at the entrances of their houses with coloured rice and powder, starts to be made a month beforehand . The entire month is extremely auspicious. This month is understood as Margali.

Thiruvaiyaru Festival

Thiruvaiyaru is a famous music festival that is celebrated in the town of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu . Saint Thyagaraja may be a renowned music composer and this festival is devoted to him.

On Pushya Bahula Panchami day, Saint Thyagaraja attained Samadhi then this festival is widely known per annum on today. per annum within the month of January, tons of composers come to Thanjavur for attending the festivities of this grand festival.

One of the foremost popular festivals of Tamil Nadu , Thanjavur promotes Carnatic and serious music . This festival is additionally celebrated in Mauritius, the USA, and Nigeria.


It is widely known as the complete moon day of the Thai month within the Tamil Calendar in Tamil Nadu.

The younger son of Lord Shiva was born today . His name is Lord Subramaniam. People take vows and keep them.

They believe that if they might take vows ahead of Lord Subramaniam, he would make sure that they keep their vows forever. The important ritual observed today is the sight of the Kavadi Bearer. They carry a Kavadi on their shoulder, which may be a wooden persister with two pots attached at both ends of it. Pandaren are the people that survive alms alone.


Kumbakonam is the village of Tamil Nadu where this festival is widely known every 12 years. it's organised in a massive way.

This festival has the grandeur of both Indian and Greek festivals. People gather near a tank called Mahamaham Tank to demand a shower .

Taking a shower from that Tank is taken into consideration as sacred as taking a shower inside the Kumbh organized inside the northeast state of Prayag  in india

The scientific or astrological idea about this festival is that Jupiter enters the Leo check in the constellation once in twelve years, consistent with our calendar.

Tamil New Year’s Day

The Tamil New Year’s Day festival is observed in April because the middle of April is the beginning of the primary month of the Tamil calendar, Puthandu.

Tamil New Year day is on 14th April 2022 which is also called as Puthandu.

The culture of creating designs and patterns with flowers, colours, and rice is extremely popular in south India.

On today , women are often seen making beautiful Kolams or Rangolis in front of their houses.

The doorway of the home is decorated.

People take a shrine bath then they visit the temples. The temple Kanni is especially visited . It's the foremost auspicious temple for starting some new things. One must visit there once.

Karthigai Deepam

Karthigai Deepam is the festival of lights that marks the start of excellent vibes and positivity in our life.

The Tamil calendar plays a crucial part in understanding the varied festivals of Tamil Nadu. Karthigai, the month within the Tamil calendar that's in November and December, this festival is widely known.

This festival makes people conscious of the great and therefore the bad. People leave all their anxieties and even the poorest of the poor would get some new clothes to decline today .

Natyanjali Dance Festival

The festival of dances. Dance has been considered to be the best way of connecting with their souls and thus successively connecting with our Oversoul, the Lord.

Dance has been an important part of Indian culture throughout the ages. Lord Siva features a form referred to as Nataraja.

This festival is widely known to supply tribute to Lord Nataraja who is believed to be the Lord of dances. He's the foremost powerful and therefore the most loved God within the Hindu tradition.

The Nataraja temple at Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu is the place where one can observe this dance festival in its greatest form.

The meaning of the word Natya is Dance and therefore the meaning of the word Anjali is Offering. The providing to the Lord through our dance performance is the basic plan of this festival. Almost 500 dancers from all over the country come to the present place to offer their offerings. 

Meeting their relatives and exchanging gifts among themselves is the great thing about this festival.

The story behind this festival is additionally very interesting to understand . It's believed that today in Tamil Nadu , Lord Shiva appeared on Earth.

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