Varamahalakshmi Festival

varamahalakshmi festival

Lakshmi God | Mahalakshmi 

On this auspicious day, go to Lakshmi the god is appreciated go to Mahalakshmi that's eight Lakshmi - The god of earth(Bhu), Wealth(Shri), Love(Priti), peace(Shanti), fame(Kirti), pleasure(tutti) and many others.

In the Shravan month once a year, Varalakshmi Vratham is discovered. It's celebrated on Friday preceding the full moon day. People who cannot perform it thereon day will get laid on the other Friday therein month. At the moment, married girls ought to observe fast until they end the puja.

The Pooja or Vrat is finished to receive the blessings of Maa Lakshmi. God showers everything to her devotees if she is happy with the dedication. It is wealth or happiness.


What do they are doing on this occasion?

 Early in the morning, girls, once taking a bathtub, build a rangoli on the place wherever the kalasha is placed. The sacred Kalasha (brass/copper/silver) is full of rice and flat-topped with contemporary actual pepper or leaves, a coconut and fabric are placed on the figure, and Lakshmi is invoked. God is invoked by decorating the Kalasa with flowers, jewellery, vast fruits, dry fruits, contemporary grains, sweets, and savouries. Someplace coins or rupee notes or build a garland of notes. The Vratha is performed with the start of Puja to Lord Ganapati. Then the most worship of Varalakshmi begins. The Raksha is worshipped for a second time and tied to the right hand of the girl.


Significance and importance of Varalaxmi Vrat

It's a big day for the devotees of god Laxmi - the consort of Lord Hindu deity. 'Vara' in Hindi translates to 'a boon,' and thus, Varalaxmi is that the ever-kind want granting avatar of the god. Per mythology, Lord Shiva or Parameswara asked his married person, god Annapurna to hope for his well-being at the moment. Another legend says that within the Magadha of past times, Charumathi lived within the prosperous city of Amravati district in a geographic area. Affected by her devotion to her family, the god Mahalakshmi appeared in her dream and asked her to hope to linear unit Lakshmi to fulfil her needs. Once Charumathi explained the dream to her family, they inspired her to perform the pooja. Soon, additional girls of the city started playacting the pooja.



What do they eat this day: 

In South Indian states, savouries like obbattu, kosambari, puliyogare, Huli anna, heart bele payasa are created on this Festival. In the evening, girls visit different homes and exchange sweets and offerings. The months of July and August are auspicious for the Hindus everywhere in Indian countries and. In contrast, the Southern states celebrate the Varamahalakshmi pageant, elements of India celebrate other festivals throughout the world.

Lakshmi has eight avatars (incarnation):

Adi (Protector) Lakshmi,

Dhana (Wealth) Lakshmi,

Dhanya (Food and Grains) Lakshmi,

Vijaya (Victory) Lakshmi,

Vidhya (Knowledge) Lakshmi,

Santana (Offsprings) Lakshmi,

Dhairya (Bravery and Strength) Lakshmi,

Soubhagya (Sumangali- Long life of husband) Lakshmi.

All become the embodiment of an ideal woman.

With the blessing of both Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, one can find peace and prosperity in one's life.





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