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Dried apricot has an orange hue and a sweet taste, and it is referred to as ‘Jardalu’ locally. They are suitable for vegans, and it is free from a variety of preservatives. It is an entirely natural product and is gluten-free as well. They are perfect for gifting your loved ones during various festivals, especially Diwali. It is known for boosting energy; hence they are ideal for consuming while observing fast. 


The foremost part of apricot consists of sugar and carbohydrates, later followed by fiber and protein. It also contains vitamins along with other crucial elements like beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin. 


It is a potent allergic food that might trigger various immune reactions that range from moderate to critical.  


Dried apricots can be consumed by themselves without cooking or adding them to any other thing. They get along well with desserts, and they are also used to make various sauces. They add life to authentic Indian desserts like laddu, energy balls, and salads are also garnished. They are a good companion of smoothies as well as chocolate.

Jardalu During Pregnancy

They are recommended to be eaten during pregnancy due to various nutrients suitable for the baby's development.

It is a good pregnancy diet for its immense health benefits helps the digestive system, 
It is a great source of iron which helps the production of red blood cells, iron is a vulnerable nutrient during pregnancy

You can safely consume 3 to 4 kernels in a day. 

Please consult your doctor before consuming. 


Retinol, also referred to as a vitamin, is present in the product in high quantities. It enhanced vision and regulates the immune system, and it not only protects the skin and protects the eyes from getting degenerated. 

They kill free radicals, which are responsible for damaging our skin as it contains antioxidants. Iron is vital for RBC formation in the body; it contains an ample amount of iron, reducing the risk of Anemia. Iron is also required to produce certain hormones in the body. 

It protects you by keeping your intestine in good condition. The presence of fat-soluble fiber, and it also breaks down fats and aid digestion. It helps. Bad cholesterol is lowered, and its consumption increases good cholesterol. Electrolyte levels are maintained, and heart muscles are relaxed because of it.

The presence of both calcium and potassium in it makes it ideal for the development of bones. Potassium helps the bone to absorb calcium uniformly. Along with being diet-friendly, it is suitable for skin as well.


Dried apricot can easily last up to half a year if stored in a refrigerator. If you have opened the sachet, make sure to store it in a sealed canister.

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