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Karanji is a dumpling with a sweet filling; they are either fried or steamed.

It is known as Ghugra in the Gujarati language, whereas Ghujiya or Pedakiya in the Hindi language. It is shaped like a crescent of the waning or waxing of the moon and has a beautiful lace at one end that encloses the dumpling.

The dumpling has a white hue if steamed or a light brown hue if deep-fried. It has a crispy outer covering with a moist and nutty filling. There are several variations to this dish. They are loved in all parts of India. They ooze out the sweet syrup when you bite into them, followed by nuttiness acquired from dry fruits.



This Karanji is made in Maharashtrian households during Holi, Diwali, and Ganesh Utsav. Finely grated coconut is incorporated with jaggery, cardamom, nuts, and poppy seeds. All-purpose flour is used to make it. This Karanji is generally deep-fried. 


This Karanji is very similar to steamed modak. Except for the shape, everything is the same. Grated coconut, along with jaggery, almonds, and cashew nuts, is added to form the filling for this Karanji. Rice flour is used to make this Karanji. It is steamed, which gives it a white hue. The filling is very moist and juicy as compared to other Karanji.


Milk solids locally referred to as mawa, are the core ingredient of this Karanji. It is incorporated with desiccated coconut, nuts, and sugar. This dumpling is made using all-purpose flour. After shaping the Karanji, it is deep-fried.


Kalakand is an Indian dessert that is made using sweet solidified milk. Kalakand is used as filling in this Karanji. All-purpose flour is used in it, and this Karanji is deep-fried. It is moist and crispy both at once. 


Wheat flour is used in this Karanji instead of all-purpose flour. Finely grated coconut is incorporated with jaggery, cardamom, nuts, and poppy seeds. This Karanji is also deep-fried.


Coarsely ground chana dal (split gram) is incorporated with jaggery and cardamom to fill this Karanji. All-purpose flour is used, and it is deep-fried. 


Roasted peanuts are coarsely ground and incorporated with roasted sesame seeds, cardamom, and jaggery to form the filing for this Karanji. It is deep-fried; all-purpose flour is used in this. This Karanji is not much moist as compared to other dumplings. 


Various dry fruits are included to make this recipe; it is also referred to as ‘Kajjikayalu.’ Almonds, raisins, cashews, etc., are coarsely ground and roasted along with semolina. These is the driest filing among all the Karanji. The flour used to make Karanji is all-purpose flour. It is deep-fried. 


Karanji maker is a palm-size circular kitchen equipment that is folded in half. It is helpful to make Karanji hassle-free without spilling out the filing. It is made of either plastic or steel and is readily available in the market. It is beneficial for beginners as it might be challenging to shape the Karanji.


To make Karanji anyone is used out of rice flour, all-purpose flour, and wheat flour. Use hot water for kneading rice flour. Let the dough rest for a few minutes after kneading it. Roast all the ingredients to enhance its flavor.

  1. In a small cauldron, sauté finely grated coconut along with jaggery in pure ghee. 
  2. Add dry fruits according to your preference and season it with cardamom powder once the jaggery starts to melt. 
  3. Knead the flour to form a firm dough. 
  4. Make small balls and roll them in a palm-size small circle.  
  5. Use karanji maker to form perfect Karanji.
  6. You can either steam them or deep fry them according to your choice. 
  7. The dumplings are ready to be enjoyed.



These sweet dumplings are loved and enjoyed in all parts of India. They are a crucial part of the sweets made during Diwali. They are also made during the festival of Holi.


It is highly recommended that they be stored away from moisture and sunlight. The filling of the Karanji is very moist. Thus, it is recommended to be consumed as quickly as possible. 

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