Dry Fruit Gift Packing Ideas

dry fruit gift packing ideas

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Healthy snacks or food is in trend in today's market. And it's official that healthy food is always the best and no longer bland. Well-positioned to satisfy changing consumer habits and trending diets (think Paleo, Whole-30, vegetarian food, including the green ones are best for health). Dry fruits can go a long way, and they can be taken with any meal that fits your consumption choice during the day - from including these dry fruits in your meal to having them as a snack.   

There are a few outlines of which packaging trends you ought to be searching for within the months ahead.

Packing that enhances dry fruit Appeal   

Packing that enhances the appeal of dry fruit and attracts buyers and sellers too in first sight

The package's ability to face out becomes more important than ever before. When consumers cannot devour and inspect products on their computer screens, your pack's image must look very best.

For in-store shopping, the format itself is additionally crucial: choosing small, display-ready pouches with Euro-hole for hanging allows the merchandise to be placed in multiple locations in stores - near cashiers or the beverage aisle, as examples – which may be hugely profitable.

No matter the marketplace, it's worth remembering that younger consumers are typically less brand loyal than their older counterparts, which suggests they often make decisions purely supported by the packaging design itself.

Look out for natural-appearing, attention-grabbing graphics that combine matt and gloss lacquers. Transparent product windows are great, especially for high-value items like fresh nuts and vibrant food like dried fruits.

Best Diet Conscious Gift for Consumers 

A much bigger focus in the diet-conscious consumers 

Consumers still are more health-conscious than ever before. They need tasty, better-for-you snacks, and that they want to have these in a very proportionate amount.

Dry fruits can be a natural substitute for sugar products or drinks.

Search for packaging that gives increased portion control and shelf and appetite appeal via clear windows, selective color pallets, and paper effects that signal quality, healthy products to consumers to maximize this significant business opportunity.

Improved environmental products packaging 

The pressure is on brands to supply more sustainable, flexible packaging and ensure channels exist for consumers to add such products to the recycling stream.

Search for pouches that reduce the carbon footprint of the packaging through light-weighting and metal-free laminates. 

Our metal-free high barrier laminates, for instance, eliminate the necessity for traditional metalized barriers and improves carbon footprint by up to 40%.

Out of home snack experience 

Snacking on the go represents a habit of the longer term, and as

Dry Fruits portable Food

dry fruits are portable food that can be offered as a snack.

Nuts are the fastest-growing on-the-go category. Whether you're within the car, on the train, or at the park, packaging that's designed to use in any setting represents a huge opportunity for nuts and edible fruit brands.

Always have a look for the longer and thinner packages, making them easier to carry, making the nuts and fruit easier to consume.

Packaging that creates easier for buyer 

Recent research summarized in Packaging Digest suggests that once you ask consumers why they choose one foodstuff or package over another, the solution is usually the same: convenience.

Thus, easy-to-open, easy-to-close, easy-to-access, and easy-to-share packages represent the celebs of the longer term. No scissors – just a clean tear with no product overspill.

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