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Become a part of our group, Festivals destination for India's first shopping for all. There are multiple festivals in India with specific needs and increasing disposable incomes who aspire to lead an independent life.
We bring you the opportunity to earn unlimited money by becoming our resellers.  

Who can become our reseller?

Anyone who wants to earn money by selling our 50+ products (especially mangoes) to your relatives, family & friends or to anyone.

Why to become our reseller


We, at FestiveTreat are very quality centric. We sell range of products, which are certified and authentic, GI tag certified, without harmful chemicals used and quality checked.

4 Step Easy Business:

Step 1 : You can get orders from anyone
Step 2 : decide your own margin(profit)
Step 3 : Submit the customer details and pay us the buying cost 
Step 4 : We will ship the Mangoes (or any product) directly to the customers. So you don't have to make any investments in buying and stocking and delivering.

Financial Independence:

Become financially independent! Earn Unlimited and hassle free! Work from anywhere!
How to Become our Reseller?
Fill up the below signup form with your details and we will get back to you with further details. 
Become a reseller today! :)
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