Diwali and Christmas

diwali and christmas

Difference between Christmas & Diwali

Christmas is commemorated on the twenty fifth of December every year to remember the arrival of ‘Jesus Christ’ on earth.

Like Christmas Diwali is also commemorated annually. There are various reasons behind its celebrations.

Few major reasons are as follows; the arrival king Ram back to his kingdom after being in the position of banishment for 14 years, it also marks the defeat of various demons.

The colour of Christmas is red, green and white whereas the colour of Diwali is red, blue, yellow, mangenta.

Brotherhood is the theme of Christmas and inner light is the theme of Diwali. Like Diwali Christmas is also celebrated worldwide irrespective of caste, class, culture, religion, race and nationality etc.

Both the festivals are celebrated with full enthusiasm and love. Families visit each other’s house to share happiness.

In India both the festivals are commemorated on big scale; school and universities have holidays and there are events conducted at work places. 

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