Diwali and Dussehra

diwali and dussehra

Difference between Diwali & Dussehra

After Navratri (a festival of 9 nights) has ended Dussehra is celebrated. It is majorly celebrated for two reasons; one being the defeat of King Ravana by Lord Ram and other being the defeat of demon Mahishasura by Goddess Durga.

People burn huge mannequin (made of hay) of Ravana with the help of fire crackers.

It is burnt down as a symbol of destroying the inner hollowness with light. Twenty days after it Diwali is celebrated. Diwali mark the arrival of king Ram back to is kingdom Ayodhya after being in the state of banishment for 14 years.

The whole kingdom was lit up with oil lamps to welcome him.  Diwali also called as Deepawali is an event of light and colours.

It is a Sanskrit word which means ‘row of light’. It is a festival which symbolizes victory of light over dullness, virtuous over sinful, knowledge over ignorance.

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