Diwali and Ramayana

diwali and ramayana

Difference between Ramayana & Diwali 

An ancient epic consisting of about 24000 verses written in Sanskrit language known as Ramayana is an important literature of Hinduism. It is a story of King Ram who was in the state of banishment for over 14 years. During that time a demon king Ravana was defeated by King Ram. He returned back to his empire Ayodhya and that day the entire kingdom was lit with oil lamps to welcome him. The oil lamps were lit in rows hence the event was called as Deepawali which is a Sanskrit word that means rows of light. Deepawali later on came to be identified as Diwali. Even today after so many years people still celebrate this event annually to remember the return of their king and the defeat of demon king Ravana which symbolises the victory of inner light over spiritual hollowness, greed and ego. There are various reasons behind Diwali celebrations; this is just one among them. 

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