Diwali and Ugadi

diwali and ugadi

Difference between Ugadi and Diwali

Ugadi is among the popular celebrations celebrated among the Hindus with incredible grandeur and pomp. It is commended as the New Year by Telugu and Kannada people.

Along with Hindus, it is commended by Sindhis as well. Various names in various states know the celebration. People of  Andra Pradesh and Karnataka call it ‘Ugadi’ while people of Maharashtra call it ‘Gudi Padwa.’

It is famous among the Sindhis by the name ‘Cheti Chand.’ It is an annual festival and falls in April.

‘Festivals of light’ is how people refer to Diwali. It signifies the success of inner light over spiritual hollowness. It is commended nationally.

It is principally a Hindu festival, but Jains and Sikhs also celebrate it. It is also an annual festival and falls in October or November.

The entire house is lighted with Diyas (earthen oil lamps) and decorated with flower garlands making the house warm and welcoming. 

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