Diwali Colour

diwali colour

Colours of diwali!

In India, Diwali decoration begins a month prior to Diwali. All the members get together and clean the house.

New bed sheets, curtains, pillow covers, cutlery, etc., are used, which gives a complete makeover to the house. On the day of Diwali whole house is lit with diyas, candles, fairy lights, etc.

Even the roads are lit with bright lights and lanterns. Some use fresh flowers, while some use artificial flowers to decorate their house.

Toran, which is a flower garland, is hanged on the door while a lantern is hanged on the window.

The major attraction is the rangoli which is drawn outside the door. People use color powder, sand, fresh flowers, grains, etc., to draw mandalas and various other designs.

The most eminent colors of Diwali are red, yellow, blue, magenta, etc. they are included to make everything bright and beautiful. 

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