Diwali Diya

diwali diya

Diya | Panti | Lamp | Diwali

‘Festival of lights’ is how the people often refer to Diwali. The triumph of inner light over spiritual hollowness is celebrated through this festival. Earthen oil lamps light the entire house. Even the roads are lit with string lights. By lighting the lamps, a strong message of burning the hatred, ego, and all the negative thoughts is spread. The light symbolizes the emission of positivity, hope, and love. The oils lamps are generally referred to as ‘Diyas.’ When diyas are ignited in the evening, it makes the whole house warm and pleasant. Rangoli (a design drawn with colorful sand) is often drawn outside the house, and it is accompanied by diyas, which is very welcoming for the guests. Nowadays, oil lams come in unusual colors and materials. At times they are replaced with fairy lights or string lights. Lanterns are also hung, which enhances the appearance of the house.

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