Diwali Essay

diwali essay

Essay Writing for Diwali 

Diwali also known as deepawali is an event of light and colours. The word deepawali is a Sanskrit word which means ‘row of light’.

It is a festival which symbolizes victory of light over dullness, virtuous over sinful, knowledge over ignorance. Diwali means different for different people.

Generally Diwali is commemorated in the month of October or November. Although Diwali is majorly celebrated by Hindus there are several other religions who give equal importance to Diwali.

In a diverse country like India different religion and states have different ways of celebrating Diwali.

There are different beliefs and reasons behind its celebration but the joy that the festival brings is the same. It is not important to be of a particular religion or faith or nationality to celebrate this festival.

Other than India it is a public festival in many countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Tobago, Trinidad, Canada etc.

Pakistan and India were one before partition and they have a large number of Hindus living there hence Diwali is also celebrated there as well.

Diwali is commemorated for five days even in Nepal; they also worship Goddess Laxmi for prosperity.

Srilanka has a close connection with India and the story of Ramayana hence even there Diwali is celebrated on a huge scale. 


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