Diwali in Kolkata

diwali in kolkata

Celebration of diwali in Kolkata

Diwali in Kolkata is very unique as compared to rest of the India. Durga puja / Kali puja is on the same day as Diwali.

Huge pandals (temporary shed) are set up for the celebrations. More than 2000 pandals are put up here. They worship Goddess Durga on this day.

The Durga Idol is beautifully decorated with beads. Diwali is commemorated to mark the defeat of Mahisasura (a buffalo demon) by Goddess Durga.

There is a cruise which takes you on a ride across Hoogly River where you witness beauty and shine of Diwali. At the Howrah Bridge Ganga aarti is done which will give you shivers.

Howrah Bridge and the Pandals are lit with earthen oil lamps which make it extremely pretty and eye catching. Other than this the Bengali sweets are a total bliss which adds a unique touch to Diwali. Fire crackers are also burst. 

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