Diwali or Gudi Padwa

diwali or gudi padwa

Difference between Gudi Padwa & Diwali.

Gudi Padwa is a festival that the people of Maharashtra and Goa celebrate. It is also referred to as Samvatsar Padvo.

It is commended on the first day of Chaitra month, according to the Hindu calendar. ‘Gudi’ means Lord Bramha’s flag, and ‘Padwa’ signifies day one of the moon.

Gudi is a flag that is raised outside the house along with flower garland and mango leaves; an upturned copper or silver vessel is also added.

People are dressed up in new traditional clothes. Diwali is a festival that is celebrated all over India.

It falls on the fifteenth day of Kartika month, according to the Hindu calendar. Diwali signifies the success of inner light over spiritual hollowness.

‘Festival of Lights’ is how people refer to Diwali. The entire house is lighted with diyas (earthen oil lamps) and decorated with flower garlands.

Rangoli (design drawn with colorful sand) and Sweets are essentials of the festival.

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