Diwali Vacation

diwali vacation

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Keeping Gregorian calendar in mind Diwali falls in the month of October or November and keeping Hindu Lunar calendar in mind it is celebrated in Kartik.

It is commemorated for about five days. School and University students gets about 15 to 20 days holiday during Diwali, it is their midterm vacation.

Nowadays work places have started celebrating festivals hence working members do not get much holidays.

Diwali is an essential festival in India but now it has also became a universal festival. Other than India it is a public festival in many countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Tobago, Trinidad, Canada etc.

Pakistan and India were one before partition and they have a large number of Hindus living there hence Diwali is also celebrated there as well. In Australia, USA, England, New Zealand etc many events are organized to celebrate Diwali and to spread the message of harmony. Suriname, Guyana, Myanmar are some of the other places where Diwali is celebrated

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