How many almonds in 100 calories?

how many almonds in 100 calories

100 cal | Almonds

Almonds are very high in calories. Just 12 to 14 almonds can give you up to 100 calories. Despite being high in calories, they are beneficial for weight loss. Many researchers recommend that 8 to 10 almonds per day will do miracles to your health. 

Almonds contain a perfect amount of fiber along with healthy fat.

Almonds help in regulating the gastrointestinal tract due to the presence of fiber. This not only takes care of digestion-related problems but it also promotes the growth of healthy bacteria, which in turn makes your immunity stronger.

A high content of fiber and low content of carbohydrates curb unnecessary cravings, thus, reducing the calorie intake. Hence it is recommended to people who are looking ahead to losing weight. 

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