is diwali celebrated in pakistan?

Diwali Celebration in Pakistan?

Yes, Diwali is celebrated in Pakistan. Pakistan and India were one before partition and they have a large number of Hindus living there hence Diwali is also celebrated there as well. People visit temples and worship goddess Laxmi.  Diwali is an essential festival in India but now it has also became a universal festival. Other than India it is a public festival in many countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Tobago, Trinidad, Canada etc. Indonesia’s Bali region has a huge population of Indians who celebrate Diwali. There is a communal holiday during Diwali in Mauritius; people celebrate Diwali with full enthusiasm. Schools and universities organize plays in Fiji during Diwali. Diwali is commemorated for five days even in Nepal; they also worship Goddess Laxmi for prosperity. Sri Lanka has a close connection with India and the story of Ramayana hence even there Diwali is celebrated on a huge scale. In Australia, USA, England, New Zealand etc many events are organized to celebrate Diwali and spread the message of harmony.

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