It is ok to drink almond soaked water?

is it ok to drink almond soaked water

Drinking almond soaked water

Soaked almonds are considered more beneficial than roasted or salted almonds. This Raw nuts are soaked in water overnight, this not only makes the almond soft and buttery but it also gets absorbed quickly in the bloodstream.

Soaked Almonds

Although soaked are very beneficial, the water in which almonds are not suitable for consumption.

Metabolism is started as soon as the almonds are put in water.

They absorb the necessary amount of water and give away carbon dioxide, which is dissolved in the water.

Oxygen content in water is reduced, and the content of carbon dioxide is increased.

The outer layer of these nuts contains tannins which are also dissolved in the water.

Tannins act as a nutrient inhibitor; thus, it is recommended not to drink the water.

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