What almonds contain?

what almonds contain

Almonds | Nutritional value 

Almonds contain a perfect amount of fiber along with healthy fat. They are known for Vitamin E and protein.

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Minerals like manganese, copper, and phosphorus are also present, along with a tiny amount of carbohydrates that are easy to digest.

They are loaded with various antioxidants like phytic acid. 

They contain healthy fat that is also referred to as unsaturated fat.

The content of vitamin E and vitamin A in it makes it ideal for accomplishing glowing skin. It acts as an excellent moisturizer.

The presence of phenylalanine and riboflavin in it is very beneficial for the growth of your brain cells and to increase your brainpower.

They are also to increase memory capacity. They are good for nervous system, bone health and mental alertness. 

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