What almonds to use for almond milk?

what almonds to use for almond milk

Milk out of Almonds

Almond milk is often made using unsalted or unroasted almonds.

There butter is also used to make almond milk.

Almond Milk

While using raw almonds, it is necessary that they are soaked in water for about 8 to 12 hours.

Any variety of this nuts can be used to make the milk. It is essential to use filtered water.

People often add various flavoring like vanilla extract, dates, maple syrup, etc. 

They are very beneficial for both the brain and body. The quality of hair and skin is improved by its consumption due to the existence of Vitamin E.

They are kenned to keep you sated and also increase your metabolism, thus aiding in weight loss.

If the taste and smell of the milk turn sour, you need to do away with it as it has spoiled.  

What to do with ground almonds from almond milk

You can use this ground almonds once you take out milk from them keep this leftover dry it and use it as a flour in your chapatis or add it in your protein powder.

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