where did diwali originate?

Diwali Origination?

Different places have different reasons behind the celebrations of Diwali. There is no proper evidence about where Diwali celebrations were first started. In northern states, it marks the arrival of King ram to his empire Ayodhya after being in the state of banishment for about 14 years. During that time he defeated demon king Ravana which symbolizes victory of oneself over ego and greed. In southern states of India, it is celebrated to mark the defeat of demon Narakasura by Lord Krishna. Whereas in the western states of India, Diwali marks the day when Lord Vishnu disguised as Vaman killed king Bali who was a demon, for greater good. In the eastern states of India, it marks the day when Goddess Durga Defeated Mahishasura who was demon buffalo. Diwali is also celebrated to mark the final harvest prior to the arrival of winter which makes it a harvest festival. Outside India, Diwali is celebrated to mark the victory of inner light over spiritual hollowness.

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