Bathukamma Festival

bathukamma festival

What is Bathukamma | Festival

Bathukamma happens to be the dance festival celebrated in Telangana and a few sections of Andhra Pradesh.

It is just like the Navratras in Maharashtra or Gujarat.

When is this Bathukamma Festival

It begins on Mahalaya Amavasya and ends on 'Saddula Bathukamma' or 'Pedda Bathukamma' that falls on Ashwayuja Navami or Durgashtami 2 days before the festival of Dussehra.

It generally falls in September–October of the Hindu calendar. Bathukamma is followed by Boddemma. 

Which may be a 7-day celebration that denotes the end of Varsha Ruthu.

Bathukamma celebration is the beginning of Sarad.

Bathukamma speaks about the social soul of Telangana. Bathukamma may be an excellent bloom stack, orchestrated with various one among occasional sort blossoms the greater a part of them with therapeutic qualities, in seven concentric layers looking like sanctuary gopuram.

Bathukamma festival in Telangana 2021

It is on 6th October 2021

Bathukamma festival in Telangana 2022

It is on 25th September 2022

About Bathukamma Festival

Truly, Bathukamma signified 'celebration of life and was praised for expressing gratitude toward Goddess Parvati for her gifts for the yield reap and pay she produced this (current) year and again approached her approval for the subsequent year.

Ladies spruce up within the traditional sari, joining it with gems and different embellishments, On this uncommon event. It is the celebration of female felicitation.

Young Girls wear Langa-oni/Half-Sarees/Lehenga Choli, consolidating it with gems to prolong the usual great point about the clothing.

The unique festival of flowers in Telangana

Women celebrate Bathukamma as a colorful and vibrant festival of Telangana. This festival may be a symbol of Telangana's cultural identity.

Before the onset of winter, Bathukamma comes during the latter half monsoon. It's also when wildflowers bloom in various vibrant colors all across the uncultivated and barren plains of the region.

The monsoon rains usually bring much water into the water ponds of Telangana, and The foremost abundant of those are the 'gunuka poolu' and 'tangedu poolu.' The women and folks widely know Bathukamma of Telangana, the sweetness of nature in cheerful colors of abundant flowers.

The festival begins every week before the grand 'Saddula Batukamma' (the grand finale of the Batukamma festival), which falls two days before Dussehra. The ladies folk typically revisit their parent's home from their in-laws and breathe the fresh air of freedom to celebrate the colors of flowers.

They create small 'Batukammas,' fiddle them every evening and immerse them in a nearby water pond for one whole week. On Judgment Day, the lads folk of the house enter the wild plains and gather the flowers like gunuka and tangedi.

They carry home bagfuls of those flowers, and therefore the entire household sits right down to make the large 'Batukamma.' The ladies of the neighborhood also take in an outsized revolve around it. 

After playing in a circle around the "Batukammalu." Before dusk, the ladies folk carry them on their heads and move as a procession towards a much bigger water body near the village or town.

Telangana Bathukamma Festival Songs Free Download

Why do we celebrate Bathukamma festival

The procession is extremely colorful with the decorations of girls and, therefore, the "Bathukamma."

Songs of folklore are sung in unison throughout the procession, and therefore the streets resonate with them.

Finally, once they reach the water pool, the "Bathukamma" are slowly immersed in the water when they take part in and sing.

Then they share the 'maleeda' (a course created with sugar or raw sugar and corn bread) sweets amongst the relations and neighborhood people.

They come to their homes with empty 'taambaalam' singing songs in praise of Bathukamma. The songs of Bathukamma echo inside the streets till late at night throughout the whole week. 

According to the Hindu non-secular students and pundits, there was a King named Dharmangada belonging to the Chola family line once upon a time.

This explicit king mostly dominated South India. 

His wife gave birth to a female child after a few years of rituals and prayer. She was named Princess Lakshmi.

During Baby Lakshmi mentioned she survived many unforeseen accidents and incidents in life.

The oldsters felt life and death while mentioning their only child. Later they named their daughter Bathukamma. Consistent with the Telugu language, Bathuku means life, and Amma means a female name and mother.

This direct Bathukamma competition is grandly celebrated by young women in Telangana in India.

Bathukamma means

It means Goddess Mother Maha Gauri come active and alive

Goddess Maha Gauri is a Life-Giver who is worshipped in the form of Bathukamma

The primary purpose of this particular festival is to wish with devotion to the Goddess within the conviction that each young girl would get their beloved husbands as per their desire and need soon.

On the other hand, married women, alongside their household friends and relatives, celebrate this festival to wish the Goddess the prosperity and healthiness of their family.

This particular festival is primarily celebrated by unmarried young girls who are at a mature age. On the other hand, alongside their wives and other relatives, relatives and friends help gather flowers and floral arrangements of a gorgeous flower stack during the festival season.

This festival plays an essential role within the culture and tradition of the Telangana region of Telangana. Per annum, the Bathukamma competition is eagerly looked forward to by the Hindu non-secular folks.

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