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Haryana is a state situated in north India. It shares its borders with Punjab and Himachal Pradesh within the north, Rajasthan within the west and south and Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh within the east.

Festivals of Haryana 

It is a neighborhood of the Capital Region. Chandigarh is the capital of Haryana.

Haryana is derived from the Sanskrit words Hari that means the Hindu God Vishnu and Ayana means home.

The state of Haryana may be a perfect blend of the old and new. Haryana has been a ground for the rule of a lot of civilizations and various cultures. In the state of Haryana, numerous fairs and festivals are celebrated that are unique. All the festivals in the state are celebrated with traditional fervor and enthusiasm.

Almost every Indian festival is celebrated in Haryana. Haryana consists of individuals belonging to different castes and cultures who coexist consonant. There also are a number of fairs that are unique to Haryana. The fairs and festivals of Haryana can definitely take away all the boredom from the lives of an individual.

Fairs and Festivals of Haryana


Lohri is one of the foremost popular festivals in Haryana. Lohri marks the top of winter and welcomes the season of fertility. It is celebrated per annum on 13 January just before Makar Sankranti. Lohri is really meant for the Punjabis, but the whole state celebrates it with equal joy and fervour. On the day of Lohri people burn huge bonfires and throw sweets, cold cereal and popcorn into the flames. People also pray around the fire that is a symbol of the spark of life. They dance, exchange greetings and sing together.

Haryana Day

This is amongst the foremost exciting festivals in Haryana. Haryana day falls on 1st September every year. It is named so because it had been on today that the birth of Tourism happened in Haryana, which is that the Haryana Tourism Corporation that came into existence. The day is widely known with tons of zest and enthusiasm within the state.

There are a variety of events that are held within the different parts of the state. One of the foremost popular events is that the Cycle race that's held from Chandigarh to Panchkula.

That day is celebrated with a lot of joy and is held in the month of September.

Pinjore Heritage Festival

The Pinjore Heritage Festival takes place at Pinjore. It is a small town that is located at a distance of 20 kilometers from Chandigarh. Pinjore is home to some of the best-terraced gardens in the country.

These gardens were constructed during the Mughal era in India


Gangore maybe a festival dedicated to Gauri, the goddess of abundance. It is celebrated per annum on Chet Sudi-3. People remove processions carrying the idol of Gangore.

People carry the image of the idol from one village to a different one and eventually immerse it into the river.

This festival plays a special value in minor or unmarried girls where they pray for their future husbands and fast for them. Married women also pray for the long life and health of their partners.


Baisakhi is another major festival celebrated in Haryana. Baisakhi is a mark for the start of the New Year for Punjabis. It is celebrated in April every year.

On today all the Sikhs visit the Gurdwaras and pray for peace and happiness. After praying they are served with Kada prasad after which there is langar, which is the best part of the festival.

The entire community comes together to enjoy the festival. It is a religious festival.

Gugga Naumi

This is a festival that's unique to Haryana. Gugga Naumi may be a church festival, in reference to snake worship.

It is observed within the months of August-September. People worship Gugga Pir or Zahir Pir (the saint) who was reputed for having the facility of curing people of dangerous snake bites.

Below may be a list of the important Fairs of Haryana


The Surajkund Craft may be a popular art and bazaar held in Surajkund. Surajkund is 20 km from Delhi. It is one of the most popular art and crafts fairs held in the region.

The fair is held per annum within the month of February. The Surajkund fair highlights the best handloom and handicrafts produced within the country.

The objective of the fair is to teach both foreign and domestic patrons about the varied technique and skills applied behind the creation of the crafts.

Kartik Fair

The Kartik Fair is a fair that is held every year in Haryana. The fair is held with the target of promoting various sorts of arts within the state like; serious music, martial arts, dance and ethnic music.

This fair is held within the month of November at the Nahar Singh Mahal.

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