Karnataka Festival

karnataka festival

Festivals of Karnataka

Karnataka is a beautiful state famous for its grand festivals. People of all religions celebrate all the festivals of Karnataka, which are conducted in the name of religion, art, seasons, etc.

The state of Karnataka and Mysore has been filled with festivals and fiestas.

The festival of Dussehra of Mysore is celebrated with the natives of Mysore, and the Kambala buffalo race in Mangalore is celebrated with a lot of belief by all.

Karnataka is additionally known for its heritage and culture; the state features a wide selection of celebrations that keeps the audience off their feet.

Here are few important festivals of Karnataka: 

Ganesha Chaturthi

In the months of August-September, one can witness many rath yatras on the streets of Karnataka.

The ten days festival is widely known that starts from Shukla Chaturthi and end at the Anantha Chaturdashi. The clay models of Ganesha and the streets are clad with wax and people offering their prayers to the idols.

The ten days are celebrated with great joy and poojas, with many people witnessing it. The prasadam offered here is that of the modak.

The Pooja continues for nine days till the last of Visarjan that is widely known for mind-blowing percussion and processions and great pomp. For Visarjan, the Ganapati is taken to a riverside then immersed into the water. 

Vijaya Utsava

The festival is widely known to commemorate the birthday of an ancient poet Purandaradasa.

This festival of Karnataka is celebrated for three days. Vijaya Utsava is usually celebrated in October or November and is widely known in Hampi as a grand commemoration.

The festival is more like showing the artwork and skills of the Kannadigas. 

The festival is typically amid performances by artists showcasing music, dance, and art. Hampi celebrates these sorts of festivals with great pompous honouring of all the artists being the cultural centre in Karnataka,

Vijaya Utsav is celebrated on a well decorated with beautiful backgrounds of ruins. The utsava is celebrated within the ruins of Hampi. The stage hosts various prominent and upcoming stars and multiple shows. 

Gowri Festival

This festival is a tribute to goddess gowri for her power and strength on the people.

It's widely celebrated everywhere in India. It's believed that Goddess Gowri returns to her home one day sort of a wife, and therefore the next day, Lord Ganesha involves taking her back home.

During the Pooja, Goddess Gowri can obtain a bagina that contains kumkum, turmeric, a small mirror, comb, bangles, dal, rice, and coconut.

Karaga Festival

As a tribute to Draupadi, Karaga is a folk dance performed.

The legend says that within the last portion of Mahabharata, Draupadi took the shape of Shakti goddess and created soldiers called the veerakumar to affect a demon called Tripusara Draupadi promised to travel to her devotees every first full-of-the-moon as per the Hindu calendar, as Draupadi couldn't stay for an extended time.

Rich meals are served during this festival of Karnataka. A Karaga carrier is a male, who is dressed up as a female, all covered in flowers, walks to satisfy the Veerakumar within the Holy deity form.

The mystery inside the Karaga remains not known, yet the carrier balances it well.  

Pattadakal Dance Festival

Every year This festival of Karnataka is decorated with the performances of the regular dancers of the state.

The festival is conducted to honour the famous temples per annum within January. Alongside these grand celebrations, the craft festival is indeed an attention-grabbing one.

The Pattadakal village is found around 20 km from Badami within the state of Karnataka. The village is legendary for the architectural temples that flaunt the elegant carvings and structures.

There are two temples Virupaksha and Mallikarjuna, located here.  

Mahamastakabhisheka at Shravanabelagola

Karnataka is additionally a state that lets religious diversity. Shravanabelagola is a major Jain centre in Karnataka. The Jain festival takes place with the function of the statue, once in 12 years.

The festival Mahamastakabhisheka is celebrated with equal pomp and grandeur in Karnataka. 

The people who enter the festival are sprinkled with blessed water and, therefore, the statue's function. The Jain nuns must climb up the steps to succeed in the highest part of the statue 


The roaring buffalos raced by a person are a stimulating watch, Splashing the mud and racing across the fields. A run is conducted among all the buffalos on the primary day of Kambala.

The buffalos are pegged against one another before the race. The festival is believed to be conducted within the respect of Lord Kadri Manjunatheshwara to hunt blessings for a much better harvest.

The festival is typically conducted for two days. Farmers majorly conduct the game. This local festival of Karnataka may be a must-watch. During the Kambala race, Plan your trip to Mangalore.


The festival symbolises New Year for Kannadigas. The term Ugadi means a new beginning or the start of the new age. Because it is the New Year, people buy and wear new clothes, get dressed.

Everyone welcomes the start of the New Year with great joy and prayers. 

Sankranti or Pongal

Pongal is celebrated in Karnataka in January. On this day, people worship cattle and feed them. On this day, a special dish called Pongal is ready and offered to God.

The decorated cattle with powerful costumes and painted horns are made to leap over a bonfire to commemorate the festival. A cattle procession is additionally conducted.

On Makar Sankranti, people enjoy Kite flying. Four-day long Bhogi festival, the festival of Makar Sankranti. 

Vairamudi Festival

In the temple of Cheluvanarayana placed in Melkote, on the third day of Brahmotsavam, the Vairamudi festival is widely far-famed.

Today, the sculpture of Cheluvarayaswamy is adorned with diamond ornaments and crowns brought from the Mysore Palace.

The festival is typically within the month of March-April and is preceded by a colourful procession. 

Karnataka Rajyotsava

The day Karnataka state was formed is widely far-famed with friendly grandeur by the individuals of the state on November first once a year.

This festival of state is widely far-famed by individuals with nice enthusiasm. Numerous Kanarese language promotional and cultural activities are conducted throughout November.

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