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pola festival

Festival of maharashtra | Pola

Pola may be a festival of Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh, widely known by the farmers for worshipping the bull. The farmers decorate their bulls today then worship them to perform within the festival. It's a village festival of ploughing activity done by the bulls where the reference is shown.

 On this vast day, the farmers 1st of all provide an honest tub to their bulls then embellish them with lovely ornaments. Then the bulls area unit offered prayers by the farmers and also were given exceptional food to eat. It's how the farmers show their gratitude towards the bulls for their assistance within the agricultural works. From the subsequent day of the festival, the ploughing activities are started, and seeds are sown within the fields. It's a unique festival of a geographic region where an animal is formed due to the most target of the occasion.


Duration Of The Festival

The Pola festival is widely known as a replacement moon day during the Shravan month, also called the Pithori Amavasya day. It's an event of 1 day which is devoted to the bulls of the village.

India may be a country where agriculture is the primary source of income, and primarily farmers use bullocks for farming. Hence it's also referred to as Bail Pola or the bullock Pola.

Pola festival has traditional rituals like bulls are given a shower then decorated with jewellery, shawls, and a garland of flowers. They're even painted in various colours then worshipped. The entire process consists of decorating them amid music and dancing. The most important part of this festival is that the old bullock is tied with a wooden frame on its horns, and it's made to interrupt a rope of mango leaves that's tied between two posts.

In some parts of MP and Chhattisgarh, the day is additionally celebrated as Pola Amavasya. The festival is on the Pithori Amavasya (the new section of the moon day) at intervals in Shravana/ Hindu calendar month (usually in August).

To celebrate the day, people impart and acknowledge the importance of bulls and oxen in their agricultural and farming activities. They embellish these animals with lovely styles and ornaments. The pampering starts each day or two beforehand. The bulls are given an accurate tub, their horns are coloured, their ropes are modified, and they are adorned with new bells.

On today, farmers don't work and provide rest to their bulls and oxen. Women carve out lovely rangolis before their homes, tie toran (decorative thread) on high doors, prepare puja thalis and worship the farm animal.

Members of the farmer family conjointly take blessings of bulls and oxen by touching their feet. These animals' are then served completely different quiet grains before playing their aarti.

Pola Festival is widely known throughout Maharashtra, within the Hindu month of Shravan (that usually coincides with August). The pageant marks the day once farmers worship their bulls, and it's from successive days solely that ploughing and sowing of fields are started. On the day before the Pola pageant, farmers take away 'vesan' (the rope) from the nostrils of their bull.

Finally, the bull is given a predicament bath and served with khichdi, made from bajari. On the day of the pageant, the bull is taken to the highest watercourse or lake and given a radical tub. The bull's horns are painted by the farmers and place colourful ornaments over them. Lastly, an ornate scarf is placed over the body of the bullocks, and their neck is adorned with flower garlands. When decorating the bulls, the farmers worship them. During the night, the bulls are taken in procession and are embellished in the areas.

 In a number of the villages in India, even fairs are organised as a neighbourhood of the celebrations. The main attractions of those fairs consist of competitions and outdoor games like volleyball, wrestling, kabaddi, kho-kho, etc. People worship, their statues, either wooden or earthen, in towns and cities, rather than worshipping bulls. Last but not least, Puran Poli (a sweet dish) adds the right flavour to the festivities.









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