Vishu Festival

vishu festival


Significance of Vishu

This festival is a family festival. It's a period dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is widely known for worshipping Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna. In Sanskrit, Vishu means equal, which suggests equal hours of day and night or the equinox.

Vishu Festival 

A few old tales are related to the festival; Vishu is that the day Lord Avatar killed Narakasura, a demon.

As per another belief, Vishu is widely known because of the return of Surya Dev. Consistent with the opposite folklore Ravana, the demon king, never allowed Surya Dev or the Sun God to rise from the east.

After the death of Ravana, the Surya dev or sun started to rise from the east.Since then, Vishu is widely known with great zeal.  

The Story Behind Vishu Faith:

According to the religious faith of the people on the previous night of Vishu Kani. A symbol that is considered excellent luck and prosperity by all Hindu Malayalis, Vishu Kani.

In Malayalam, Kani means something viewed first; therefore, the term 'Vishu Kani' means the primary thing to be seen at dawn or the first hours of the day.

The Vishu festival is a Vishu Kani within the prayer room, or worship area of the house, before the eldest lady of the house worships the idol of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna.

The devotees believe this can bring them prosperity throughout the Year. 

These articles are collected through a convex vessel made of metal that in Malayalam is known as Uruli. It contains a sacred preparation of all auspicious ceremonies through the omen of excellent luck and prosperity.

A standard bell-shaped metal lamp called Nilavilakku is additionally lighted and placed alongside the Vishu Kani before the deity.

On the day of Vishu, as per the typical belief of the people, all the members of the family need to awaken early within the morning by dawn with closed eyes attend the worship area of the house to urge the primary sight of the Vishu Kani because it might bring them good luck throughout the Year.

Therefore, the Vishu Kani is organized with care and exactitude to create a positive image.

Which is taken into account to be a sacred act. Malayalis believe that the primary page of the Ramayana, which the devotee opens, features a significant impact on their life within the upcoming Year.

After this, the youngsters and adults burst crackers, and this continued from morning to nighttime.

Referred to as Vishu Padakkam or the explosive of whacky is an integral p t of the Vishu celebration enjoyed by all massive and incredible. This is often followed by a sa traditionalist referred to as Vishu Sadhya

During this joyous ritual as per Vishu traditions and customs, individuals awaken early within the morning and see the 'VishuKani' so rejoice by explosive wacky endlessly.

On this festival day, the family members wear new clothes, referred to as the 'kodivastram,' and visit the temples to check the VishuKani and worship.

Like all the opposite festivals, the Vishu competition is additionally celebrated with admirable zeal.

Specific ancient delicacies area unit ready by the ladies for the ceremonial feast of the competition that area unit savored by the family and friends.

Vishu Kani is essentially the tradition of gifting in Vishu competitions. Currency notes and coins are the foremost cherished and ancient Vishu competition gifts.

A novel family competition Vishu competition glorifies the employment and rotation of wealth because it is believed that the wealth that's shared multiplies doubly.

According to the age-old traditions, the younger family members receive 'Vishu kina' from their elders in the Malayalis. Historically all the elders provide cash to the younger members, and also, the young members bit the elder's feet and ask for their blessings.

Vishu Kani is an occasion of pleasant excitement and joy, especially amongst the ladies, kids, and alternative younger family members.

Vishu festival is not a nonsecular ceremony; however, a way through that family bond is reinforced as all the family members unite and celebrate this competition of prosperity amorously and harmony. 

Vishu festival dates for upcoming years

Vishu 2022: April 15 (Friday)

Vishu 2023: April 15 (Saturday)

Vishu 2024: April 14 (Sunday)

Vishu 2025: April 14 (Monday) 

Vishu Sadya Menu

A special feast known as 'sadya 'is usually ready in each Malayali house. The standard Vishu Sadya includes rice-infatuated ghee-laden parippu, followed by deer, aviyal, buttermilk, papadum, banana chips, pickle, cabbage thoran, and payasam.

These days, Vishu Sadya is ordered online, and it's delivered promptly at lunchtime with all Vishu sadya things as well as the payasam of one's selection.

However, the bookings tend to start early, and eleventh-hour bookings are unlikely to be accepted.

In this day and age, folks sometimes wear new garments, so visit the temples.

As a result of the pandemic, several restrictions are in situ, and not each house is celebrating the merry occasion because it is accustomed to being done earlier.

But, we tend to hope you get to fancy the Malayalam Year as safely as doable.

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