Corporate Diwali gift ideas for Employees

corporate diwali gift ideas for diwali

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Corporate Diwali gift ideas for Employees  is one of the best Corporate gifts or corporate gifting may be very endearing thanks to connecting \ with your workers, employees, or staff and praise their participation and contribution in terms of hampers, gifts, bonuses, or some rewards.

Corporate Diwali gift ideas for Employees

Gifts ideas for workers happen as a feel-good factor for workers who otherwise undergo tons of pressure, the stress in their routine jobs.

Also, corporate gifts online are a chance for the corporate or corporate to imprint its branding within the mind space of employees and their families. 

Employees are crucial stakeholders in your company, so it makes tons of sense to form them feel unique with various corporate gift ideas for occasions starting from festivals like Diwali or Holi, awards like ''employee of the month'', ''salesperson of the year'' etc.

Corporate gift ideas for workers 

Corporate gift ideas for workers or corporate gifts online are an excellent guide to such corporates or organizations because the absolute best option for corporate gifts. 

Company Anniversary gift for Employees

Although it's complicated to zero in on specific gift items, one can always ask for broad categories of Corporate gift ideas for workers depending on the occasion or budget.

At different stores, you'll find a number of these categories which may make it easy for you to pick the variability of Corporate promotional gifts for your employees. 

  • Employees Joining kits / Employee Welcome kits
  • Combo gifts kit for Company anniversary/ Sales event/ New Year/ Diwali gift
  • Diaries/Notepads combo gifts: Diaries are mostly the primary choice when it involves New Year corporate gift ideas for workers in India.
  • Festive Treat have a lovely collection of diaries/notebooks combo gifts to settle on from.
  • Desktop items, pen stands, table clocks, digital clocks: These days, people often work in front of computer screens.
  • Having these gift items on the desk adds tons of functionality, utility, and complements visually too.

Sticky notes or planners

  • Sticky notes or planners: Planning and organizing things are important within the business life of executives.

  • Executive planners and organizers can end up being excellent choices among many corporate gifts.

Mugs & Cups

  • Mugs & Cups: Most folks begin their days with a hot cup of coffee or tea.
  • This is often where companies can remind their names on a day to day with these gifts.

T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Jackets, Pullovers as Corporate Gifts

  • T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Jackets, Pullovers, etc.: Logo printed customized T-shirts, Hoodies are common among corporates. Many corporates, organizations, colleges, and institutions choose these as promotional gifts. one among the very fashionable corporate gift ideas.
  • Technology friendly Products: With the advancement of technology, many tech products and digital widgets have been added to the bouquet of corporate gifts
  • Cookware & Crockery
  • One of the highest gifting ideas this season is that this electronic diffuser will diffuse essential oils and humidify an area. Very quiet this device uses ultrasonic technology where ultrasonic waves are used for humidifying and purifying an area and aromatherapy. An exquisite thanks to destressing and make a tranquil, serene atmosphere. The device is out there in many various colours and comes with a 90ml capacity tank.
  • Home linen may be a popular Diwali gifting choice for companies trying to find traditional options. Items like quilts, sheet sets are helpful in every household and naturally welcomed. A vibrant quilt from Fabindia is simply the thing for a Diwali gift. Made from superior quality materials, the printed cotton quilt features classic Indian motifs and is bound to provide warmth and luxury. The worth varies by size - single sheets cost Rs.2,790 while a double bedsheet costs Rs.3,990. FabIndia features a separate corporate sales department that may be contacted for orders and customization.
  • Another evergreen gifting option is coffee or tea mugs. Highly useful, good-quality mugs are essential to each kitchen. The Gold Print Mug Set is a straightforward yet elegant gift for your employees this Diwali. These china mugs have a fragile gold print that appears classy. The set contains six mugs and is priced at Rs.1,200
  • A basic yet practical gifting option is that the Automatic Mug. Your employees will love this top-quality insulated mug with a Double wall vacuum that keeps their drink piping hot (or chilled) for hours during busy mornings.


  • The mug may be a new introduction and offers automatic stirring with no batter or electric wiring. The mug features a capacity of 300ml and comes in white and black While the outer layer is formed of BPA-free plastic, the mug's inner lining is formed of chrome steel. The Mug'sMug's price is out there on inquiry and therefore the minimum order quantity of 20, and maybe customized by adding an engraving which costs extra.
  • A home appliance may be a gift that is still useful to the workers for an extended time. Counting on your budget, you'll pick from various small appliances like toasters, juicers, coffee machines, etc. This Bajaj electric kettle may be a fantastic addition to any kitchen. The cordless kettle boils water during a jiffy, making it convenient to prepare instant noodles or soup, coffee, and tea.
  • A popular trend that many employers are adopting nowadays is handing out gift cards to employees during festivals. The advantages of giving a present card are clear: the worker gets to shop for something they need, the employer is saved the time and price of trying to find gifts, ordering and distributing them.


  • However, a severe disadvantage of gift cards is that the loss of private touch. It seems like a soulless gesture since there's no effort on the part of the employer. A carefully chosen gift helps employees feel valued. They recognize the pains taken by the company in picking out the right gift for Diwali and appreciate the thought. Gift cards also take away a number of the fun and excitement related to receiving gifts. Since gift cards can't be branded, Companies lose out on a branding opportunity as well!


  • However, although gifts are a far better idea generally, the ultimate decision depends on the company's priorities and resources.


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