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corporate diwali gifts online india

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Best Diwali Gifts for Employees in India

 Enjoy Best Diwali Gifts for Employees in India

Homemade Chocolates and diyas

Homemade chocolates and diyas are some of the favoured Diwali gift ideas for your employees. You'll purchase homemade diyas, which may be prepared out of chocolates and are edible. This may be an excellent Diwali gift. Moreover, an assortment of homemade eco-friendly diyas for adornment and chocolates would form an excellent gift set.

Dry fruits

This is a healthy and traditional Diwali gift idea for your employees. An assortment of varied dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, raisins, pistachios, etc., can form a superb for the gifts. Nuts are usually good for health and would look good when employees have them.

Scented Candles 

Beautiful decorative candles with a good smell are another standard Diwali gifting option for your employees. These are often wont to decorate homes in Diwali, and also scented candles help create a stress-free environment. These candles are bound to make your employees elated this Diwali.


This has always been one of the simplest and most useful Diwali gift ideas for workers within the Corporate Sector or in Government sectors and businesses. This set usually consists of some essential stationery items like diaries, notepads, staplers, pens, marker pens, etc., needed by those handling desk-related assignments, meetings, etc. 

A set of pens is a Diwali gift to your employees. Your employees may employ this for performing daily activities in the office. Pen sets are pretty affordable and would be a classy gift item for your top-level employees also.

A clock on the desk can be another option because it will help your employees to be punctual. These desk clocks are quite a popular Diwali gift idea for workers nowadays and are available in various designs and costs.

Gadgets like Bluetooth, power bank, multi-charger, etc.

Electronic gadgets like Wireless Bluetooth speakers, power banks, USB hubs or multi-chargers, etc., are an excellent Diwali gift idea for your employees. Your employees in their daily lives will employ these things either while traveling or partying or at offices themselves.

Power banks or multi-chargers are needed in the office when your employee must charge different devices but have limited sockets. Wireless Bluetooth speakers like JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth speakers are often considered a present option for those employees who are keen on music and are constantly travelling.

Bamboo fiber eco-friendly mug

This is an eco-friendly product that's far better to be used instead of paper cups and water bottles. This mug or coffee tumbler is formed from bamboo, which may be reused repeatedly. It's leak-proof and features a lid and silicone stopper.

The excellent gadget that possesses everyone excited are fitness trackers. These multifunction gadgets are fantastic, thanks to keeping track of your health.

The Mi Band 3 from Xiaomi is one the simplest within the market. This tracker offers several fitness-related features like tracking daily activity, calories spent, sleep quality, vital signs, and pulse. It offers up to twenty days of battery and comes with an OLED touch screen. It also can offer call and message notifications.

A well-liked trend that many employers are adopting nowadays is handing out gift cards to employees during festivals. The advantages of giving a present card are clear: the worker gets to shop for something they need, the employer is saved the time and price of trying to find gifts, ordering and distributing them.

However, a severe disadvantage of gift cards is that the loss of private touch. It seems like a soulless gesture since there's no effort on the part of the employer. A carefully chosen gift helps employees feel valued. They recognize the pains taken by the company in picking out the right gift for Diwali and appreciate the thought. Gift cards also take away a number of the fun and excitement related to receiving gifts. Since gift cards can't be branded, Companies lose out on a branding opportunity as well!

A home appliance may be a gift that is still useful to the workers for an extended time. Counting on your budget, you'll pick from various small appliances like toasters, juicers, coffee machines, etc. This Bajaj electric kettle may be a fantastic addition to any kitchen.

The cordless kettle boils water during a jiffy, making it convenient to prepare instant noodles or soup, coffee, and tea. The kettle features a capacity of 1.7 L and comes with a two years warranty.

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