Dry Fruits for Asthma

dry fruits for asthma

Asthma | What dry fruits to eat?

In Asthma patients it may produce extra mucus with swellings and narrow airways.

This problem in airways of Asthma patients may trigger coughing and difficulty in breathing along with Wheezing (whistling sound) shortness of breath and breathing out.    

Those suffering with this disease consuming dry fruits may suffer with damage cells and irritate your lungs and inflame. 

But certain foods may have benefits. Fruits and veggies are a good place to start like fresh fruits like apples, orange and other fruits.

In some Dry fruits are preserved fruits which may be preserved with sulfites  which may cause tame inflammation in asthma patient airways.

It is suggested that Asthma patients should avoid.

Please consult your doctor before consuming any nuts or dry fruits.

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