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Noida is a planned town under the management of the latest Okhla Industrial Development Authority, which is the full-form of NOIDA. It's settled in Gautam Buddh Nagar District of state. The region of the Capital Region of India larger Noida is its body headquarters, whereas the District official lives in Noida.

 in step with the provisionary reports of Census of Asian nation among the year 2011, Noida population was approx. 642,381. Noida is one of the only planned cities in India that is fashionable for its modern infrastructure and high amenities. Well, it is also illustrious for its foliage and broader roads.

Unfold across 203.16 km2 town shares the border with Delhi city metropolis urban center and it is also reportable that quite fifty p.c of its population commute from Noida to Delhi for official works.

Noida is 202m higher than the water level, so the climate of Noida is sometimes hot and dry. In summer, from March to June, the temperature ranges from 48⁰C to twenty-eight ⁰C. Winters in Noida are chilly and harsh, even its fog and smogginess issues conjointly. Dense fog in Jan month reduces the visibility on the streets.

Noida has become a hub for code and mobile app development firms, contributing to the city's economy. It is the main hub for international firms like IBM, EXL Service, TSYS International, AON Hewitt, Abstract practice, metropolis Consulting, Accenture, TCS, Fujitsu, Ebix, HCL, s Adobe, DELL, Corbus, JK Tech.

Several giant code and business method outsourcing firms have their offices among the town. Several alternative firms have opened their branch offices because of the special economic zone, the residential district atmosphere, and its proximity to an urban center.

The greenest town of Asian nation

Yes! Noida is known as a result of the inexperienced town of Asian nation due to the roads square measure lined with green trees. With nearly five hundredth inexperienced cowl, the best in any town in India until currently, Noida is considered India's greenest town. 

Highest per capita financial gain

Noida could also be a planned town, and it's evident that it is the best per capita financial gain among the NCR. This implies the city provides several opportunities to the well-deserving candidates due to its several IT companies, BPOs, and international firms.

Noida is that the gold mine of the state.

Here the Gold Mine is utilized as an expression; due to 10 crores of an annual budget, Noida is that the richest among the UP state. Albeit folks will not pay their taxes in Noida, then conjointly, it will meet its expenses until five years.

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Alongside dry fruits, you'll add green plants, fresh flowers, soft toys, sweets, chocolates, and far more, which can allow you to offer the gift of health and nutrition to your loved ones on upcoming special occasions.

Dry Fruit Online Noida

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Range of Dry Fruits

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Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan are festivals where presenting dry fruit hampers is an appropriate way to convey love and care to dear ones.

The chilled weather has a history of being so in most parts of our country. Those that stay abroad would want their loved ones to stay safe and healthy during the harsh winter.

The simplest thanks to ensuring that their near and dear ones remain fit and refined during the chilled winter season is to send a box filled with dry fruits beforehand during a grand and festive occasion like Diwali.

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