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Gurgaon – as you'll already know – maybe a leading financial and industrial hub. It's one of India's very best per capita incomes and is on the brink of its many advantages.

Whatever is the combat the Millennium City (or its traffic), there's no denying that South of Gurgaon – also referred to as Sohna – will still soar to new heights for subsequent 16 years (at least).

Having lived in Gurgaon for over 15 years, the time frame seems less as far as discovering the town cares. During my research, I used to be amazed by what proportion of the town I know…or rather the shortage of it!

Gurgaon features a continuing history since the days of Mahabharata. It had been the village of Guru Dronacharya.

Hence called Guru-gram (guru's village), which later in Prakrit called Gurgaon and hence Gurgaon. Guru Dronacharya is believed to impart spiritual guidance to the Pandavas and, therefore, the Kauravas here.

Festivals are the mark of our culture and heritage, and that we Indians like to celebrate festivals with great pomp and show regardless of race, age, caste, and creed. Gurugram is additionally not left behind in celebration.

Despite being given the tag of Millennium City due to its blindfolded pace of growth and development, Gurugram welcomes its festivals with an open heart when it involves celebrating festivals.

Gurugram celebrates their festivals with much vigor and delight, which also refreshes them from the hectic and monotonous schedule.

Gurgaon is a crucial financial and industrial city near New Delhi. It's known for its booming infrastructure, rapid urbanization, and economic prosperity.

As a rapidly growing city, Gurgaon is an example of a mix between the old and the new. The town features a lot to supply in terms of entertainment, culture, and world-class cuisine. We explore the ten best things to try to and see in Gurgaon.

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Dry fruits are one such gift that can be given to our loved ones and friends as a sign of love, affection, and consideration towards them.

Be it any festival sending gifts to your loved ones never go out of style.

The most prominent form of a gift can be a box full of dry fruits, with all varieties of dry fruits contained in a packet or box that is beautifully decorated. Almonds, cashews, raisins, pistachios, walnuts, along with some sweets, can be added to a dry fruit box that can be sent as gifts.

Dry fruits accompany various health benefits. These are full of various essential nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and other minerals

. Experts believe that a couple of dry fruits like almonds, cashews, raisins, and pistachios are enough to keep heart diseases and strokes cornered. Minerals like phosphorus, calcium, copper, iron, potassium et al. aid in the proper functioning of the body's vital organs.

Most Indians choose deep-fried and spicy snacks once they have hunger pangs in between meals. A couple of dry fruits are often great substitutes for spicy snacks to curb the hunger pangs.

And last but not the smallest amount, a few dry fruits like almonds, raisins, and cashew nuts are rich in vitamin E, the regular intake of which gives glowing skin and healthy hair.

In short, since dry fruits are beneficial in numerous ways to our body, it's only apt that these are sent to us by our loved ones, who are always concerned about our well-being. Over the years, Dry Fruit platters or boxes of dry fruits became synonymous with warmth, affection, care, and love.

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