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Instant Puran Poli Online


Puran Poli also recognized Purnachi Poli or God Poli as an authentic sweet dish that is made in Maharashtrian households. Puran is known as stuffing, and Poli means bread; thus, Puran Poli means bread which is stuffed with a sweet filling. They are made during various festive and religious occasions. All-purpose flour or wheat flour is used to make it. Puran Poli is just like chapati, which is filled with a sweet filling. The filling is dark yellow in color, and the outer chapatis are either off-white, yellow or occur in color depending on what it is made of. It is a tasty delight which is enjoyed by people of all ages. Its taste changes as we move towards the south. 


We have made a perfect packet for beginners who are looking forward to make Puran Poli. Our packet includes Puran Poli Flour Mix, Dehydrated Puran. This makes Puran Poli preparation super easy and time-saving so that you can make them whenever you want. 

How To Cook :

Step 1: Add boiling water to dehydrated puran to form thick dough.

Step 2Add water to puran poli flour mix to form a dough. Knead the dough.

Step 3 : Form balls of dough and puran of equal size. 

Step 4 : Stuff one part of puran in other kneaded dough and roll it out to form a poli.

Step 5 : Cook both sides on medium flame. 



Dough preparation 

All-purpose flour or wheat flour is kneaded into a dough using water. The dough needs to rest for at least half an hour. The dough should not be too firm as it will be challenging to roll after adding filling inside it.  

Filling preparation

Yellow gram, recognized as chana dal, is soaked for about an hour or two before making the filling. It is cooked in a pressure cooker for 15 to 20 minutes. The dal is smashed to form a fine paste. In a cauldron, nutmeg powder and cardamom are roasted in ghee. Grated jaggery along with mashed chana dal is added to it. It is stirred and roasted until the batter turns thick. A sweet and deep yellow batter is ready to be added as a filling.

Making Puran Poli

Tiny balls are made out of the dough. They are rolled flat, and the filling is added inside them. It is secured by all sides and then again converted into a ball. Now the ball is carefully rolled in flat circular chapati so that the filling does not spill. 

Frying Puran Poli

Ghee is applied to the pan and Puran poli is carefully kept on it. It fried until small brown spots don’t appear on it. 


Along with being high in folic acid, it contains soluble fiber that is good for your heart. Blood circulation is improved by its consumption. Diabetes is kept in check due to the low level of the glycemic index. High nutrition and fewer calories make it diet-friendly. It is perfect for satisfying cravings as it doesn’t pile up many calories. Potassium, vitamins, zinc, and copper content in Puran Poli is relatively high. 


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