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Rishi is translated as Sage, and Panchami is translated as the fifth day. Rishi Panchami signifies the day when the Saptrishis, the seven sages, are honored for the great deeds that they have done for humankind.

It is commemorated on the Shukla paksha’s day five, hence referred to as Panchami. It falls after Ganesh Utsav in Bhadrapad month.

Saptrishi imparted knowledge and encouraged people to gain enlightenment. They even shared their knowledge with common people.

On this day, various rituals are conducted. It is said that observing fast and conducting rituals on this day will free you from all the past life sins.


It is a mix of various vegetables that are beneficial for our body. It is specially made during Rishi Panchami in Maharashtrian households.

Seasonal vegetables and tubers are incorporated in this dish, and only those vegetables are used wherein ox is not used for farming.

Although the vegetable’s cooking time is low, it takes a lot of time to prepare and clean it.

Earthen pots are used, and since every vegetable has a different cooking time, they are often cooked separately. But, nowadays, it is cooked together using a pressure cooker. 


We have made a perfect packet for beginners who are looking forward to making Rushi chi bhaji. Our packet includes dehydrated Rushi chi bhaji.  

How To Cook

Step 1: Add dehydrated bhaji to 200ml water.

Step 2: Cook the bhaji on low heat for 10 mins. Serve hot with bhakri / chapati.



Colocasia leaves, also known as Alu (arbi) Leaves, Amaranth (Maath) Leaves, Corn kernels, Lady’s finger, Elephant foot, Ridge Guard, Raw Banana, Snake guard (Ghosala), and Green peas, are used to make this recipe.

Some people also add peanuts, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. It is spiced up using green chilies and seasoned using pink salt, jaggery, and coconut. Due to colocasia leaves, jaggery is added to the recipe, and Tamarind can be replaced using fresh curd.

In a cauldron, ghee is added along with green chilies that are vertically sliced into two parts. Colocasia leaves, and amaranth leaves are added first, and then other veggies are added. It is seasoned with pink salt and jaggery and then enclosed with a lid. After about 5 minutes, tamarind pulp is added and garnished with coarsely grated coconut.


It is very beneficial for improving digestive function and keeps away problems like constipation, stomach ulcers, diarrhea, etc.

It has a high dietary fiber content, which aids in weight loss, and it contains good carbs, which help manage blood sugar levels.

Free radicals that might cause serious ailments are taken care of by consuming this delicious and healthy recipe.

It contains crucial phytonutrients which not only reduce inflammation but also help to boost immunity. The high content of iron makes it ideal for treating anemia. Oxidative strain caused by free radicals is taken care of by antioxidants like beta carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, etc. 

It is gluten-free; thus, it is appropriate for people who are gluten intolerant. Its consumption is good for skin and hair, and hair loss can be regulated by its regular consumption.

It is loaded with proteins and has very low-fat content, and it is also known to restrain hunger. 

Bone health is improved by its consumption as it has high calcium content. It is highly valuable for pregnant ladies as it reduces any neural defect that might affect brain development.

The significant amount of Vitamin A present in it is beneficial for improving vision.

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