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Ukadiche Modak | Instant

Ready to cook Modak at your ease.


Modak is a sweet dumpling specially made in Maharashtrian households during the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. 

They are white, and the filling is sweet, nutty, and has a dark brown hue. This dish makes jaggery, coconut, rice flour, dry fruits, ghee, milk, nutmeg, and water.

It is suitable for vegans and is gluten-free. 

They are many types of modak. Ukadiche modak that is steamed modak is the most loved one.

Followed by fried modak, it is similar to Ukadiche modak and is fried instead of steaming.

The other variety of modak is made with Mawa (milk solids) and shaped into modak. Nowadays modak is made with various kinds of ingredients including chocolate. 


Freshly grated coconut is roasted with nuts in ghee, and jaggery is added after they change color. Nutmeg and cardamom are often added to enhance the taste of the filling, and they are cooked till the excess moisture evaporates.

Rice flour is added directly into boiling water and little milk, ghee, sugar, and salt. It is enclosed with a plate or towel for a few minutes, and then it is kneaded into dough. 

Small balls are made out of it while it is still hot. Balls are flattened and packed with sweet coconut and jaggery filling. 

Sides are pinched and joined together to form modak. Later they are steamed and drizzled with melted ghee and saffron.


It is challenging to make modak for beginners; specialized equipment is readily available to make modak. It is called modak Sacha. The Sacha is first coated with ghee and then lined with rice flour dough. The filling is placed right in the middle, and then the Sacha is closed. A perfect modak is obtained after opening the Sacha.  

Modak Sacha makes everything hassle-free and also saves time as many modaks can be made at one time. It is orange in color and is made with high-grade quality plastic. 


We have made a perfect packet for beginners who are looking forwards to making modak. Our packet includes Aromatic modak peeth, Modak Sacha, and dehydrated modak filling. Now make modak preparation super easy and time-saving so that you can make them whenever you want. 


It just requires three steps to make a modak. 

Step 1: Add aromatic modak peeth into boiling water along with salt & ghee. Enclose it for a few minutes and then knead it to form a dough.

Step 2: Coat the modak Sacha with ghee, line it with dough, and add dehydrated modak filling.

Step 3: Steam the modak, drizzle it with ghee and garnish it with saffron.  


 There are many stories behind why modak is offered to Lord Ganesh; some say that when he was unable to satisfy his hunger, Anusuya (wife of a sage) offered him modak, which satisfied his hunger. Few people believe that Meenawati (goddess Parvati's mom) made modak for him, which he loved a lot. 

 Modaks are made especially during Ganesh Utsav to offer them to Lord Ganesh. Sankasthi is translated as saving from trouble. Modak is also offered during various Sankasthi to please lord Ganesha and ask his flavor to keep oneself away from troubles. 


Utmost care is taken while packaging. Everything is well sanitized, and constant testing ensures that you and your family enjoy a safe Ganesh Utsav. 

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