Modak A tasty Prasadam for lord Ganesha

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History of Modak

It’s Lord Ganesha’s most favorite sweet. One day Bal Ganesha was very hungry, and his mother Mata Parvati prepared a new sweet out of whatever was available in her kitchen she took rice flour stuffed mixture of jaggery and coconut in it, she designed it so beautifully that till today no individual is found on earth who could say no to it, so it was Lord Ganesh, found of food and innovations how can he deny It.

He liked the desert so much that he could not stop and control himself from eating it. Mata Parvati gave him tulsi leaf to satisfy him.

The tradition continues till today offerings of Bappa are never complete without it. We prepare at least 21 modaks in the offering of Ganpati and serve it with Tulsi leaf.

Story behind Modak

Here is the Recipe for Bappa’s Prasad.


Some special tips

Mantra During preparation

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